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Pre-School Bible Fellowship Classes

(Sunday Mornings at 9:30 am)

Preschool Bible Fellowship classes, allow preschoolers to experience age-appropriate Bible learning activities using hands on approach in a loving and safe environment. Activities are planned with a specific goal in mind: teaching spiritual truths.  All of our children, from babies through 4 year old’s, hear God’s word and His love for them. Bible Fellowship classes meet at 9:00 am.


Preschoolers can stay in class during worship at 10:30 am, allowing parents the opportunity to attend adult Bible Fellowship groups, worship service and serve as a volunteer.

Loving teachers and volunteers are waiting to share God’s Word and His love with preschoolers.

At Bayside, we believe that life change happens in Bible Fellowship Groups. God designed His people to grow closer to Him in the context of relationships. So, we encourage everyone to make attending a Bible Fellowship Group a priority in their week. 


(Sunday Mornings 9:30 am)
Our Sunday morning Bible Fellowship group, specifically designed for 1st-5th grade kids. Small groups meet at 9:00am. This allows kids to connect to the same leader and group of kids. It is within this small group that their faith in Jesus will grow and be challenged, they will build friendships and serve alongside others.
We can assure you that every child will be valued, accepted and have a blast learning more about Jesus in Adventure Cove.  The young students learn relevant truths about God every Sunday morning and are challenged to live it out every day.
(Sunday Mornings 9:30 am)
Bible Fellowship Groups are our small groups.  We value relationships and we believe students do the same. Bible Fellowship groups offer students the opportunity to grow closer to Christ and be challenged to serve Him within the context of a small group.  BBC Students has some amazing leaders who are dedicated to pouring into students, and simply doing life together as they facilitate and direct these groups. If you want to get connected with our ministry, Bible Fellowship Groups are the way to go!  
(Sunday Mornings 9:30 am)

We all need connection. We all face challenges every day—relational, financial, physical, and spiritual.  Bible study and fellowship will prepare us to successfully face every challenge! The goal of our Adult Bible Fellowship classes are to create a Sunday morning Bible study and fellowship environment that help grow adults in their knowledge of the Bible and their passion to follow Christ in their daily living.  To build community and support as we grow in our love of Christ and each other.


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