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Are children the church of tomorrow, or are they part of the church of today?


While kids are still learning and growing that doesn’t mean they are in a spiritual holding tank until they grow up. Children who have accepted Christ are part of the church today. People who haven’t yet received the Lord are the church of tomorrow.


Bayside believes you don’t have to grow up to serve God. Many kids in the Bible accomplished feats for God before they ever grew up (Samuel, Josiah, David, etc…). I Corinthians 13:11 says, “When I was a child, I used to speak as a child, think as a child, reason as a child, when I became a man, I did away with childish things.” This verse tells us that adults and children speak differently, think differently, and reason differently. If an adult is to be effective at ministering to a child the adult must enter the child’s world, speak their language of fun, and relate Biblical truth on their level. That’s what we aim to do at Bayside Baptist Church.



Sundays  9:30 am


Bayside kids do more than watch others worship. They worship with their parents in "Big" Church, with prayer and praise and then go to Kid's Church for a Bible message just for them.  They prepare for the next step into big church. Don’t let your kids miss it.



Sundays 11 am


Our Sunday morning Bible Fellowship group, specifically designed for K-5th grade kids.

This allows kids to connect to the same leader and group of kids. It is within this small group that their faith in Jesus will grow and be challenged, they will build friendships and serve alongside others.We can assure you that every child will be valued, accepted and have a blast learning more about Jesus in Adventure Cove.  The young students learn relevant truths about God every Sunday morning and are challenged to live it out every day.

Kids Bible Fellowship


Wednesdays 6 pm to 7:30 pm


Awana is a high energy, fun place for children to learn more about God’s Word. The goal of Bayside's Awana Club is to give kids the chance to know, love, and serve God! It’s an exciting approach to teaching God’s Word, combining learning with irresistible fun to produce lifelong results in children.


In addition to partnering with parents to help develop spiritually strong children who faithfully follow Jesus Christ, Awana has a tremendous reputation for helping kids get God’s Word into the center of their lives. It goes beyond simply memorizing the verses though. Awana is all about making sure that our children understand the meaning and, most importantly, how to apply them to their lives. Awana Clubs are filled with high energy fun, fellowship, and spiritual growth. The 105-minute meetings are divided into four rotations:


  • Game Time is comprised of exciting team-oriented games exclusive to Awana that stress healthy competition and good sportsmanship.
  • Large Group Time is full of contests, interactive games, and teaching of God’s Word.
  • Handbook Time is a small group time where children memorize Scripture. This is where children work with their leaders to learn God’s Word, understand the meaning, and apply it to their lives.
  • Kingdom Kid's Choir music time and Missions.


Each Awana Club is age-appropriate and teaches kids that God is real, that He loves us very much and sent His Son, Jesus Christ. We talk about how God helps us in our daily lives and hears our prayers. We learn that God’s Word is relevant to everyday life and that hiding God’s Word in our hearts is powerful. Experiences in Awana foster a deep commitment to Christ and a genuine love for God’s Word.

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